Mparental monitoring software reviewsany parents have been utilizing special parental monitoring software which has been made available for both cell phones and also computers. In this day of technology it is more difficult to keep track of what is going on in your kid’s life. This could be quite dangerous especially with the ills of society which are presented today. These are things like drug pushers, bullies, pedophiles and others. If your child uses technologies such as smart phones and computers then chances are you could acquire information through these devices.

A simple parental monitoring app could easily tell you if your kid is getting himself into trouble by monitoring your child’s activities on the devices. Communications such as text messages or instant messenger conversations (E.g. Yahoo messenger etc) could be viewed and if there are any issues; then they could be dealt with promptly. Some smart phone surveillance programs could even track your child’s exact location so you would know where they are at all times. The best part of utilizing these parental control programs is that they are hidden in the background. This mean your kid would be unaware that you are keeping tabs on them.

In terms of installation you simply install onto the device whether it be a pc or a cell phone. The vendor usually offers a step by step guide and once followed correctly there should be no problem. Generally, the information gathered is sent to the user either in a log file or to a special account created on the website. As a result you just need to log on to view the details gathered. On this website there will be three types of parental monitoring software which will be reviewed. These are for the cell phone, computer and table PC. In this review we will look at the top programs in each category and for others simply visit the particular device in the main menu.

Cell phone parental monitoring apps reviews

These programs are gaining in popularity simply due to the fact that more parents are arming their kids with smart phones due to the convenience. As a result it is now possible to keep tabs of what is happening with this particular device in which the most sought after feature presently is mobile phone tracking. In terms of surveillance software the best apps are either Mobile spy for a general review see below.

mobile spy app

Compatible smartphones: Iphone, Blackberry, Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile

Features: the ability to track instant messenger chat; the smart phone location; text messages; bbm chat; emails; photos and videos taken; contact details; call history; websites visited; calendar events; live surveillance (this option allows you to view what is being done on the mobile live) etc.

Price Range: $49.99USDto $129.99USD

Additional Details:  Mobile spy allows the user to monitor up to three mobile devices with one subscription therefore this cell phone parental control app could easily monitor a family. If the one year subscription is chosen then Sniperspy is included absolutely free. This give the user the best of both worlds because they would be able to track both types of devices.

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Computer parental control software

Most people know about this monitoring software for parents because it has been in existence for quite some time now. Right now there will be a few apps on the market presently but none of them stands out quite like PC Pandora. The main attribute which is causing a stir with this particular app is the abundant of features which is available especially when it comes to instant messenger spying. For its general reviews see below.


Features: PcPandora allows you to track emails, websites visited; keystrokes typed; programs or applications running; passwords; instant messenger conversations; files; file sharing activities and in addition you will also be able to capture webcam images; filter websites and record screen activities.

Price: $69.95USD

Additional information:

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cell phone parental control softwareCell phone parental monitoring software offers adults a chance to observe their children’s activities on their smart phones. It may seem pretty invasive however; when it comes to the preventing them from following the wrong path all of that could be overlooked. Imagine the cost you would have to pay financially if he or she is caught with drugs or a weapon. These things are what drive parents to purchase software to monitor their kid’s cell phone activities. It gives them the ability to know what is happening before it becomes too late and as a result they could react to the circumstance immediately.

The good thing is that cell phone parental monitoring apps is also simple to use; it is a matter of installing onto the smart phone in question. Some conditions must exist prior in which the cell phone must have some form of online connection.  As information is taken from your child’s mobile it is then sent to the main website account. The adult would then log on to view everything which is recorded without restriction. This includes tracking your kids’ mobile phone, sms messages, emails and much more depending on the actual program chosen.

Below is a list review of three possible apps which are commonly used to keep tabs on a mobile. These are Mobile Spy and Mobistealth. Each will have its own benefit so ensure you read through each thoroughly.

Mobile Spy

mobile spy software

Functions: This cell phone parental control app allows the user to spy on text messages; emails; calendar events; im messenger (e.g. yahoo messenger); blackberry messenger chat; gps locations; websites; phone calls;  photos; videos. In addition it allows the user to control certain functions in the phone by sending certain sms commands. Remotely the parent could lock, unlock or even wipe the phone.

Benefits:  One license could be used to monitor multiple smart phones. In addition, this app gives the users which subscribe to the annual subscription computer surveillance program as well in order to keep track your kid’s computer.

Cost: Starts at $49.95USD

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mobistealth software

Functions: Log calls, websites viewed; photos, videos, phone conversations, environment surroundings, sms messages, appointments, gps tracking, sim changes, blackberry messenger, whatsapp and contact details.

Benefits: Unlike its competitor Mobistealth offers the parent the option of listening in on their children phone conversations depending on the model phone chosen. This alone is quite powerful because there will be somethings will be spoken over a phone rather than through a text message or other communication option.

Cost: Starts at $39.95USD

Additional Info:

In all when you are looking to purchase either of the parental monitoring software mentioned please ensure that the particular program suits what you are looking to accomplish. Generally Mobile Spy offers everything which is needed despite the fact that it is unable to tap a mobile phone.


Parental monitoring apps FAQ

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How does parental monitoring software work?

It depends on the device in question however; all still function with the same principle. The appropriate program is installed onto the device whether it is a computer or cell phone. Once activated, it will begin to capture the activities of the particular device such as instant messenger chat, emails, text messages etc. The only thing necessary now is to access this information. This is done either by logging on to the control panel of the software by using a special code or by remote viewing.

Remote viewing is usually the preferred method because it allows the person to see what is going on without having to actually touch the machine. It is done either through email or the software vendors’ website. Some parental control apps come with the ability to work in stealth mode which means your child would not be aware that you are keeping tabs on them.

Are these apps legal?

Both computer and cell phone parental monitoring apps are legal. Since many have the option to work in stealth mode many people take this opportunity to use these programs to spy on other people instead of their children. This maybe illegal depending on the circumstance, as a result the best thing is to ask an attorney before utilizing these types of apps. If the purpose is contrary to the law then that mean you should not implement it.

What software do you recommend?

In terms of cell phone parental surveillance the best software available on the market now is Mobile spy. It contains the right features to get the job done and in addition it gives its users a computer spy program Sniperspy which could be keep track of your child’s computer activities. In terms of price it will cost from $49.99USD for a subscription. To find out more details simply .

When it comes to computers the best choices are PCPandora for the regular PC and Peektab for tablets. PCPandora offers all of the features and more of a typical keylogger which are keystroke logging; email tracking; im spying etc. It cost around $69.99USD and further details could be found at

For the tablet monitoring Peektab is the top choice right now being compatible with the ipad and Android based tablets. It offer basic surveillance such the ability to track calls; web history; photos; calendar events; gps location and apps installed. It starts at $29.95USD a subscription. For further details visit

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monitor child iphoneIn order to supervise your child’s iphone activities you will need to invest in a specialize application to do so. Parental monitoring software for the iphone is used by adults to ensure that they are aware of their children’s life. It is easy to install and works completely hidden in the background which means your child would not know that he or she is being watched. The only issue about using these apps stems from the fact that you must jailbreak the iphone prior to installation. This is because these programs are not available in the regular Apple store.

Jailbreaking is a method in which the user removes the manufacturer’s restrictions from the particular device. It is pretty simple to do and there are many programs out their which offer this service. Once that is done then it is possible to utilize iphone parental monitoring software on that smart phone. The parent would then be able to read messages sent and received by the iphone which is pretty useful. Especially, if the teenager discusses most of their life’s activities through this form of communication. It is also possible to track your child’s iphone and much more in order to gain a realistic picture of what is going on.Each app carries its own set of functions. In terms of features which is a must have; you should look to acquire an iphone parental control program which offers at least iphone tracking and whatsapp monitoring. A tracker function allows the adult to know where the teenager is at all time. In that way if he or she decides to skip school or go somewhere they are not suppose to then it is possible to go there and intervene. Whatsapp is the new wave of messaging in which it has replaced sms messages tremendously. As a result by recording these conversations you will definitely be able to see what is really occurring with your kid.

mobile spying

When it comes to iphone parental monitoring software the two best programs being offered are Mobile Spy and Mobistealth. They both have common features in which both of them are capable of spying on iphone text messages, calls, websites, Whatsapp chat, photos, videos etc. Mobile spy however is different from its competitor mainly due to the fact that it is able to control the smart phone through sms commands. This mean you could lock, unlock or even wipe the iphone remotely. In addition to that it allows the user to monitor up to three smart phones which is good for someone in a fairly large family. It cost starts at $49.95USD and goes upward. For more details 

Mobistealth on the other hand initial price is less expensive starting at $39.95USD and in addition it is also able to bug the mobile in order to listen in on the surroundings. For further details on this iphone parental monitoring app you would need to .

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mobile spy appAs we delve into this review of Mobile spy we would be looking at this system as a whole and how it would benefit the prospective buyer and user. Selecting software to monitor a mobile device is not always easy, especially since there are a number of programs which pop out from nowhere ever so often. Many of them promise the world of features and at a very low cost to entice people to buy. However; at the end of the day, when you acquire them, you notice some time afterwards that these apps cannot deliver on all or any of their promises.

Worst yet, you would discover it is not so easy to get back your money and many people just get fed up and cut their lost and move on. Now, Mobile spy is definitely not part of this whole racket, in fact it has been in the cell phone spy industry for over 10 years now, selling its first product in 2003.

In 2010 it was given accreditation by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ score and has maintained that level of service ever since. If you are not familiar with the BBB, well let us give you a little overview. This body exists in order to allow potential and current customers of a product or service to know the legitimacy of the business behind it. It does this by evaluating the company in question on certain criteria such as advertising honestly, building trust and customer satisfaction to name a few. It then gives the corporation a grade based on this and as you may have guessed, Mobile spy has acquired the highest grade achievable. This in essence says that the average buyer is generally happy with this vendor. It does not mean that it is perfect however; but when there is any issue, it is dealt with in a prompt manner.

So besides our thumbs up pertaining to the reliability of the system, you also have the Better Business Bureau to back it up. Now being reliable is just one criteria for choosing any cell phone software program, the other one is its functionality. Of course if you want it to do A, B and C and this product can only do B and C then you would have to consider whether you can live with it or not. It doesn’t matter which product you are looking at.

Quick review of Mobile spy features

Mobile spy has too many options that we would not even try to name them all in this overview. It has the basic ones we know and love such as text message monitoring and also multimedia capturing (photos and videos). A few of the others ones which are most desired by potential and current customers would touched on shortly. At the end of this section there would be a link provided to that area of the main website that has the complete list of features. It is best to go there for several reasons but the two main ones is that it is current, which means that any new attribute added today would be seen and also it gives great explanation of each one. No other place can keep you informed as good.

So what do we consider to be its best attributes?

The first noteworthy attribute of this product is it’s ability to spy on over 10 instant messenger chats. This includes Whatsapp (one of the most important im in the world today), Viber messenger, bbm, Skype and Kik to name a few. Instant messaging is an important part of our day to day lives, this is where the majority of useful surveillance information comes from. A child or an employee would talk certain details across this medium even more now than in person. Another popular feature is the gps tracking option. Online, every place that mobile device goes would be seen on a map in almost real time. As a result; you would definitely be aware of whether he or she is somewhere they are not supposed to be. The final one we would be mentioning in this review and the one which is most sought after is the live surveillance feature.  This allow the user to watch the activities on the phone as it is occurring, every navigation and key typed is seen as it happens. Right now only this product offers this.

If you really want to find out what it can do for you then click here to view Mobile spy full complement of features. There is also a demo option which you should take a peek at to give you a better sense of what is happening.

What can it work with?

Spy Mobile can work with a wide range of operating systems whether it be for a smart phone or tablet. This includes:

  • Android
  • iphone
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Mobile
  • Symbian

There is a compatibility checker available online which would help you to zero in on whether this app can work with the device which you are targeting.

Are there any other Benefits?

The two main reasons why you would choose Mobile spy over the other surveillance programs out there lies in the fact that it can.

Monitor multiple mobile devices with one subscription.

Gives its customer a bonus computer spy program when the annual subscription is bought.

Excellent documentation and support.


Mobile spy is an application which gives you good value for money. The only thing missing is that it does not have any cell phone tapping properties (to record or monitor a phone conversation). If that is a must for you, then you would need to take a look at Flexispy instead.

Visit Mobile Spy – get all of the details that you want today.


The technology to jailbreak an iphone is right on the fingertips of virtually anyone who has a computer. It is better to learn how to do it on your own because whenever you update the OS, the iphone returns to its original state which means that you would have to redo the procedure again. If you know the process then it would be a lot cheaper than taking it to the tech person who charges around 20 bucks each time he or she jailbreaks your iphone. Do not worry because it is not a lengthy process and also it would be reversible in the event you changed your mind for whatever reason.

If you are unfamiliar with the term jailbreaking; well that is a method in which you unlock the full potential of your iphone. In its regular form there are a number of limitations on this device. As a result many people jailbreak their iphone in order to squeeze more out of it and this is especially in terms of apps. Instead of only being limited to the Apple apps store the user of will also be able to acquire apps through Cydia, Installous or Rock apps store. The programs offered on these websites give you features which Apple would not allow such as full customization of their iphone.

In addition to a wider software selection the user would also be able to unlock their iphone. In that way this smart phone could be used on any other mobile network than what it was assigned to. This gives the owner the option to switch carriers as they wish especially for better bargains. As you may realize there are quite a few reasons for doing this procedure but you may be wondering what are the disadvantages. Well for starters there is a possibility of damaging the iphone in the process of jailbreaking it. This usually stems from the software chosen to do the task.

Sometimes the iphone jailbreaking app is a virus or untested. As a result you could lose your phone and these types of issues are not covered under warranty. It is best to use a program which would give you the peace of mind because everything which is free is not good. A decent app which could be used is called ijailbreaktool. It could be used to jailbreak the ipad, iphone and also ipod in one subscription. The best part is that it is tested and have the customer support to back it. For further details simply 

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iphone buggingIphone bugging technology is used to covertly track your child’s or even employee’s iphone activities and whereabouts. There are a number of different iphone spy apps you would find on the internet today. Although these apps differ in functions the fundamentals of how they work are all the same. Prior to installation you must ensure that you jailbreak the iphone which is to be monitored if it hasn’t been already. The program is then installed and it will start to bug the iphone communications it is designed to do. Everything is sent to the implementer via the internet which means that results could be seen online with little effort.

As a result parents who use this technology to monitor their kid’s iphone could easily view what is occurring even if they are not in the same country. Features such as gps tracking; Whatsapp messenger monitoring and text message spying are a few fundamental features you would be looking for before purchasing such a program. The prices range from as low as 40 bucks to as high as a few hundred. Generally, the older and function packed programs fetch these high prices but in general most persons get by pretty well by simply using a mid range app.

If you are seriously looking to bug an iphone then we recommend either Mobile Spy or Mobistealth. Both of them carries the fundamental three functions which we recommend and this includes the ability to track the smart phone and monitor both Whatsapp and text messages. Mobile Spy is a bit more expensive however it allows the user to bug three separate smart phones with one purchase. This means is excellent for persons who need to track the communications of more than one iphone. Overall, this would make it cheaper than buying three subscriptions of its competitor.

Other features carried by this iphone bug are the capability to track imessages, phone calls, websites, social networking such as twitter and facebook and more. For further details simply   . Mobistealth has the basic features that Mobile Spy have but not the advance ones such as imessage or social network monitoring. However; it is cheaper and also has a unique feature which is used to turn on the mic remotely. In that way it will be possible to listen in on the environment surrounding the iphone. To find out more on how to bug an iphone with Mobistealth . When it comes to choice it really depends on the features and price you are looking for.

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monitor iphone sms messages

Using special apps to spy on an iphone’s sms messages is pretty popular right now and is a very powerful form of iphone parental monitoring. Imagine, being able to view each and every text message communication your child has sent or received. As a parent you must know that this open a grand door into their lives. Things which he or she may not express to you; surely they would do with their friends. The good, bad and ugly would be revealed and the necessary steps could be used in the event that there is a lot of the ugly.

Iphone sms spy software does all of its logging secretly which means that the person being monitored is clueless to the fact that you are keeping tabs on them. Everything captured is sent to the user of the app via the web which means he or she could know what is going on even if the iphone is out of the country. In addition to being able to spy on iphone text messages; these apps come with additional capabilities. This includes the ability to monitor iphone Whatsapp chat, websites visited, phone calls and more. Therefore when purchasing such a program you would also have to consider what these functions could offer you.

In terms of software it is recommended to use either Mobile spy or Mobistealth. Mobile spy is considered number one because it able to monitor iphone sms messages, imessages and Whatsapp chat. These are all of the primary means of communication with this smart phone therefore if there is anything to be said it would be captured on either three. In addition the parent would also be able to track the iphone, calendar events, pictures and photos taken, and more. The subscription starts at around 50 bucks but it would be definitely worth it especially since one license allows the user to track three separate devices. If you would like to see more about Mobile spy then .

Mobistealth on the other hand carry the basic functions of Mobile spy however; it is unable to spy on imessage coversations. It however is able to bug the iphone (also known as environmental listening) which its competitor cannot do. Mobistealth offers two packages which are Lite and Pro which means the potential buyer would have their option in terms of functionality and price. The starting price is 40 bucks for this particular iphone sms spy software. To find out more about this program simply .

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imessage monitoringImessages are similar to text messages however; it is used exclusively in Apple products such as the iphone and ipad. Imessage spy technology offer the user a means to record the conversations of this particular service. As a result the person who is doing the monitoring would be well aware of what is going on with the user of the Apple device. In general you would not find this option alone but as part of a software package. On this website we deal primarily with parental monitoring or control software however; the same programs could also be used for other purposes such as for employee tracking as well.

In order to implement theses apps the only thing required is that the Apple product be jail broken prior. This is due to the fact that imessage spy software is not available through the regular apps store. In terms of the iphone, the only product on the market right now which caters to tracking imessage conversations is Mobile Spy. This iphone app could do quite a bit more functions which include spying on iphone sms messages, contact information, calls, websites browsed, location and more.

The other benefit of Mobile Spy is that it allows the user to track the communications of up to three smart phones with one subscription. This is not only restricted to the iphone but any other compatible smart phone including Android based (e.g. Samsung), Symbian based (Nokia), Windows mobile (e.g. LG) and Blackberry. If you decide to go with the annual subscription then you will be able to acquire an app called Sniper spy for free. This program is used to monitor computers remotely whether Windows based or Mac. The price of this imessage monitoring app starts at $49.95USD. If you are interested then for further information.

If you need to spy on the imessages of an ipad then you would need Peektab. This is a relatively new tablet spy program on the market today. It comes with additional functions which include the ability to track the ipad; calendar events; apps installed and more. It is relatively affordable starting at just $29.99 for a subscription but it is an excellent buy for those parents who wish to monitor the ipad of their kids. In fact it can be used to track the majority of Android based tablets as well. If you are interested in finding out more about more about peektab visit

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whatsapp spying softwareIf you are looking to spy on the iphone whatsapp conversations of your teenager or child’s phone then that is quite easy. There are apps which could be used to monitor whatsapp messenger on this particular smart phone and does not take more than a few minutes to install. The only thing however is that the smart phone must be jail broken prior otherwise it would not work. This is because these programs are not available through the regular app store and as a result must be obtained through Cydia. No worries though because jailbreaking your iphone is an easy process which takes a matter of minutes to accomplish.

In fact many iphone users especially those from the younger generation tend to jailbreak their device in order to utilize its full potential. Once that is covered, then it will only be a matter of installing the software onto the machine then you would be able to spy on iphone whatsapp chat and other pertinent transmissions. This would include tracking the iphone; reading imessages; emails; websites browsed; contact details and much more. All of this data could be viewed on the web which means that once setup, the user would have no further reason to access the device. Simply go to the app’s website and log on with your special username and password.

The only thing which might be a slight problem is the choice in the iphone parental monitoring app. In this review we will look at the two most popular Whatsapp spy programs online presently. These are Mobistealth and Mobile spy respectively. In terms of core functions both of them could do the same such as spy on iphone text messages, emails, videos, photos, contact details and website browsing. The main difference with regard to Mobistealth is the price which starts at $39.95USD and the fact it can bug the iphone (turn on the mic and listen to the surroundings). If you are in need of this additional feature then this will be the choice for you. For further details about this program just .

On the other hand Mobile spy costs more but comes with more features including the capability to monitor youtube videos, imessages, facebook, twitter applications installed etc.  In addition it is able to control the iphone by being able to lock, unlock and wipe the smart phone by using special sms commands. What make it even more amazing is the fact it allows the user to monitor up to three devices and also provide them with a computer monitoring app. For further details on spying on an iphone whatsapp conversation with Mobile spy 

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track your childs iphone

Tracking software for the iphone is becoming popular among parents presently. After all, knowing where your teenager is could be nothing but advantageous to your cause as a parent. Is he or she at the mall or at school? Answers to these questions would really put your heart at ease seeing that you know where he or she is at all times. To top things off you would not only be able to track your kid’s iphone location but other transmissions as well. It is not uncommon that tracker software would also offer the adult the capability to monitor communications such as sms messages, phone calls, whatsapp chat etc. In taking advantage of these functions the parent will truly be in control of the entire situation when it comes to their kids.

When you are tracking your child’s iphone through special software then there are only two requirements which must be met. The first one is that the smart phone must be jailbroken; otherwise you wont be able to install the iphone parental monitoring app or tracker. This is because apps like these are not available in the regular app store. The second condition which must be met is that the mobile must have some form of internet connectivity. The internet connectivity is important because as it records the gps location of the iphone it then sends it to the parent via the web.

It does not have to be a data package with the mobile network which means wifi is ok. However; remember that when the internet connection is lost so will the tracking and other functions until the smart phone is reconnected. Now it is time that you choose the  actual program. In this software review we recommend either Phonesheriff or Mobile Spy.


Each would have its own advantage but in terms of reliability and cost effectiveness your best bet is Phonesheriff. It costs just around 50 bucks and it also allow the parent to spy on sms messages, phone calls, websites visited, emails and photos. In addition Phonesheriff has some parental controls which mean that it could also be used to block certain websites and communications with certain numbers; this program could also be used to imposed time restrictions on the iphone and much more. It is a simple yet cost effective method for parents to keep track of their child’s iphone. For more information on this app visit:

Mobile Spy which is the other option gives its users very similar features to Phonesheriff however the big difference lies in the fact that it can monitor whatsapp conversations; imessages; youtube videos; calendar events; social networking (facebook and twitter) and much more. In addition to more features Mobile spy also offer its users the ability to track three iphones with one subscription. As a result for those with quite large families they would definitely see the benefit of using this program. For more information simply

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